Brand & Email Design

This was a re-branding project for a men’s outdoor accessories brand in the lead up to the launch of their newest product: The Banks Card Holder.

Formerly called ‘Roar Carbon’, I changed the brand name to VentureLight, as I feel this embodies a sense of freedom and possibility one experiences when they travel with less.

As this is a local company, I was inspired by California’s coastal lifestyle, illustrated in the oceanic palette and imagery of surf culture. With a focus minimal layouts for the email design, social media banner ads, and for the logo I was eager to reduce a ‘destination pin’ down to its essential form.

These assets were used for the launch of the product, increasing sales by 223%.

I enjoyed the challenge of working on a masculine project, as it encouraged me to get inside the head of an outdoorsy male in order to effectively communicate with my target audience.

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